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A creek through a wooded area

“Woods” and Other Landowner-Friendly Words

The last time you interacted with a landowner in person, over the phone, or by email, did you use the word “forest”? Research suggests that using “woods” or “woodlands” might be a better choice. While the thesaurus may say that “woods” and “forest” are synonyms, to landowners the two terms have different connotations.

Cutting firewood in January

Promoting Voluntary BMPs on Private Land

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are critical for reducing forestry related water pollution. While land managers must use these guidelines on public forestland, the practices are not mandatory on many private lands in Wisconsin, leaving it up to natural resource professionals to encourage landowners to adopt them voluntarily.

Women's workshop

2 Simple Ways to Improve Outreach for Women Woodland Owners

How often have you been at a woodland owner workshop or visited a property and heard a woman who co-owns land with her husband or brother say “I’m with him”? In large part due to forestry being a male-dominated field, women do not feel empowered to ask questions or take an active role in managing their land.