Looking straight down on nice Neighborhood on Summer morning. Most private property owners in urban areas don’t think of their trees as being part of an “urban forest”, yet a majority of Wisconsin’s urban trees grow in residential areas (69%), and provide tens of millions of dollars in ecosystem services for the people who live and work in Wisconsin’s cities. To maximize the benefits of a healthy urban canopy, urban forestry professionals and communities engage private landowners to promote proper tree care and to plant trees that have the best chance at success in the tough urban landscape. Marketing and communication insights from the 2017 Wisconsin Urban Landowner Survey can provide communities with tools to more effectively motivate and support private landowners to take action.

The Wisconsin Urban Landowner Survey project is a partnership of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin-Extension, University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and the U.S. Forest Service.

Engaging Private Urban Landowners in Tree Care

This statewide report provides useful outreach insights from the 2017 Wisconsin Urban Landowner Survey, a study of over 1,700 private residential property owners across four metro areas. The report answers questions such as Which tree benefits should I feature as part of my messaging to motivate action? Who is best positioned to deliver a message to homeowners in my area? Who is most likely to plant or care for trees on their property?

View the “Communicating More Effectively about Urban Forestry” pdf

Urban Landowner Insights – A Closer Look at Four Cities

You can also access research briefs highlighting results and insights from the 2017 Wisconsin Urban Landowner Survey for each of the four metro areas included in the survey: Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and Wausau.

Using Social Media to Engage Urban Homeowners

In June 2018, we ran a paid advertising campaign on Facebook to field test which messages motivated homeowners to contact a certified arborist for help caring for their trees. In the brief below, we share our results and social marketing insights from the campaign.

View the “Using Social Media to Connect Homeowners with Arborists” pdf